Who We Are


Experienced in fine wood working, kitchens and household repairs.

Excels at repairs where time, quality, and patience is needed.


Experienced in most aspects of construction and home repairs.

Excels at electrical wiring, kitchen installations, decks, concrete, and more.


Experienced in general construction and repairs.

Excels at thoroughly restoring parts of a house that seem beyond repair.

What We Believe

Community is Valuable

Timothy started the business to bring valuable services to the local community. We believe that we can bring this value by helping to maintain and improve people’s homes right in our area. A good handyman is not always easy to find. We saw a need that we can meet for those around us. Lancaster can be made better with our effort.

Customers are Important

We are a small friendship-oriented business. The workers have been friends for years. In fact Timothy and Jonathan are in-laws. We enjoy working together and have lots of fun. We carry this relational aspect of our business  It is more fulfilling to connect personally with customers than it is to treat them like another number in the books.

Hard Work is Good

What is better than a hard day’s work? It helps us sleep better at night. It makes us feel better about ourselves. Plus it honors and pleases those around us.  No job is too small for us. Where some other companies are set up to do big jobs, we work well with small and unique jobs. We take pride in working hard and making others happy.

What We Do

We excel at doing all kinds of odd jobs. This includes anything from changing a door knob to replacing your deck or restoring your kitchen. The goal is to make your home a nice and enjoyable place. With a little bit of work that can be accomplished. Check out the photos to see how home have been improved by our work.