Old Deck Refinishing

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Why Restore Your Old Deck?

A. Save Money

  1. Prevent Further Rotting. Finishing your new deck seals the wood and repels water. Rather than soaking up water in the rain it will repel the water and keep it from seeping into the wood pores. The end result is a restored deck that will rot less and last longer and prevent a new deck bill.
  2. Fix Splintering & Cracks. Over time deck boards splinter and crack. The board wear and become water logged. In cold weather the water freezes and forces the wood grains to break apart. If this repeats numerous times, the wood structure deteriorates and the wood splinters and cracks. Our new deck refinishing products reseal the board and prevent water from soaking into them.
  3. Deter the Elements. Direct exposure to the sun can hurt the wood structure over time. With a new coat of finish this deters the UV rays that eventually destroy the deck wood.

B. Revive Deck Aesthetics

  1. Restore Wood Color. The sun and rain discolors the wood. However with a cleaning, sanding, and refinishing the wood it is again restored to a more natural wood color.
  2. Prevents Warping. Exposure to the elements can cause decks to warp. Deck restoration and a new finish slows down the warping.
  3. Eliminate Mildew. SuperDeck® coatings are designed to inhibit the growth of mildew. The smooth surface also makes it easier to clean and keep mildew under control.

Deck Restoration Process

Step 1

PRESSURE WASHING is the first step in restoring your deck. This removes the dirt, mold, mildew, and other residue that has built up over the years. Removing the residue helps the finish to stick and last.

Step 2

REPAIRS are made where needed. This includes replacing any broken, cracked, or warped boards. It also includes tightening loose screws, refastening loose boards, and any other needed pieces.

Step 3

SANDING is key to preparing a deck to be refinished. This removes nasty splinters, flattens uneven stumble points and gives the deck an overall nicer surface. It produces a better refinished deck.

Step 4

APPLYING THE FINISH is the last step in restoring your deck. We use and recommend SuperDeck® coating products. These sealers do well in turning a rough looking deck into a pleasant deck once more.

Refinish Coating Options

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Oil-Based Wood Stain

  • Formulated to resist mildew and algae growth
  • Fortified for scuff resistance and water repellency
  • For all exterior and pressure-treated wood
  • Available in a 63 color palette
  • Shows subtle wood grain
  • Durable and lustrous sheen finish

Deck & Dock Coating

  • Formulated to resist mildew and algae growth
  • Fortified for scuff resistance and water repellency
  • Can be used on new wood and old wood
  • Elastromeric coating to protect, resurface, and waterproof old decks
  • Works over existing exterior paint and stained surfaces
  • Locks down splinters and bridges cracks on old wood

Other Deck Services

Our handyman services include anything from simple deck repair to more complex deck finishing, as well as more involved deck restoration and refinishing.